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System Engagement

Multi-agency and system wide engagement

The PRANA programme has engaged with the following significant national stakeholders:

  • Pre-hospital patient and family forum

  • NHS England, Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response 

  • Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care (FPHC) of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 

  • National Association of Ambulance Service Medical Directors (NASMeD) chair

  • Association of ambulance service chief executives (AACE)

  • National Ambulance Service Research Steering Group

  • National Ambulance Service Clinical Quality Group

  • Intercollegiate board for training in pre-hospital emergency medicine (IBTPHEM)

  • Air Ambulances UK (AAUK)

  • Health Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP)

  • Department of Transport, Travel and Environment Data and Statistics (TRENDS) Division

  • Department of transport, Road Safety Investigation Branch

  • Highways England

  • Transport Research Laboratory

  • NHS Digital Ambulance Dataset Project

  • Paediatric intensive Care Audit and Research Network (PICANet)

  • Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (ICNARC) 

  • Trauma Audit and Research Network (TARN)

  • British Association of Immediate Care Schemes (BASICS)

  • National clinical directors for trauma, emergency preparedness and emergency care

  • NIHR Clinical Research Network, trauma and emergency care specialty group, deputy lead 

  • National HEMS research and audit forum (NHRAF)

  • National HEMS medical director forum

  • Northern Ireland Ambulance Service 

  • Scottish specialist transport and retrieval service (SCOTSTAR)

  • Wales Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transport Service (EMRTS)

System wide engagement activity

PRANA stakeholder engagement activity has been running formally from 2019 and has involved colleagues from across the 4 nations.

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On going system engagement

PRANA is a huge collaboration. Stakeholder engagement and involvement is a continuous multi-lateral process and is essential to enable the power encapsulated in linked data to be released to advocate for patients. The PRANA team welcome ideas and comments about the programme - you can make contact through the contact us link in the menu bar.

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