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Injury Prevention Impact

Data analysis and utilisation for the prevention of disease

The PRANA registry will generate prevention intervention targets by identifying poor prognostic factors from linkage of pre-hospital critical care provider database to NHS longitudinal outcomes.

The PRANA programme will link registry data to the Department of Transport to inform and develop road safety policy within the UK to reduce avoidable death and disability from road traffic collisions.

The largest cause of fatal and life changing injuries in the UK is motor vehicle accidents. Pre-hospital critical care teams treat these patients. The PRANA registry will catalogue the human consequence of injuries sustained through motor vehicle incidents and link this directly to the specific mechanisms of injury recorded within the police database (STATS-19). In collaboration with the Department of Transport road safety investigation branch, it will be possible to assess the impact (including financial) on the UK population of road traffic injuries and their relationship to current road traffic policy. This knowledge will inform the development of future road traffic policy with the aim of reducing road traffic deaths and disability in the UK.

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